At least 15,000 visitors, 275+ exhibitors and countless more brands have previously showcased at Scotland’s very own consumer cycle show. See what they have to say about it all…

“With Saracen, it’s a brilliant opportunity for us to be here and get a different audience”

“Congratulations and a massive thanks for a great SBS 2013 event. We had a lot of interest over the weekend and it was great to get out and speak to so many folk – kids and families, who are a key target audience for our ticketing programme.”

“Great show, well organized, we will definitely be back for 2014.”

“We need to come North of the border, and you know it’s alright Bradley winning the tour but we need to actually get here so that people can touch, feel, look at the bike and talk to somebody”

“We’ll be back next year”

“It’s a good show, nice venue, we thought we would come up and represent Genesis. You don’t really get a grasp of the product, just from online…”

“Beyond my expectations actually, Its been tremendous, to see people that understand what we do and the quality of what we do has been fabulous, so we’re delighted to be  here. ”

“There’s lots’s and lot’s of interest up here, more than I expected really”

“It’s very important that we get to show the bikes off. For us it’s been very very good, lot’s of compliments and we have sold plenty of bikes. I think the venue helps tremendously”