Go eBike Without Breaking the Bank

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Biking is a tried-and-true way both to exercise and get where we want fast. It’s good for the environment, even better for our legs and the advances on electric bikes have made it even more comfortable for any biker. Or well, more comfortable as long as you don’t check the cost.
While the appeal of assisted pedaling is great for long trips or the trip back home after an intense workout… eBikes don’t come cheap. An electric bike can be very expensive, and part of the appeal of biking for many of us is that it doesn’t cost an arm and a leg. So what can we do if we want these features on a budget? Simple, opt for an eBike kit.

Order online and get to pedaling

If you are interested in getting a conversion kit of your own, then you can easily get one over at Swytch Bike. Swytch was one of the first and to this day most successful brands when it comes to bike conversion. And since they count with an official store, ordering straight from them is the easiest and most reliable way to get a kit of your own.

Give new life to your old bike

For those of you who aren’t aware, an electric bike conversion kit is a set of pieces that allow us to give the perks of eBikes to a traditional bicycle. This is much cheaper than getting a brand new bike and allows us to breathe some extra life on an old and reliable bike.

So how does it work and how come it isn’t too good to be true? The general idea behind these ebike conversion kits is rather simple, and usually, they don’t need more than 3 new pieces. It all comes down to a power pack, a motor for your front wheel, and a sensor to connect these two parts. Once you have all of these installed then all you need to do is to pedal, there’s no more fine-tuning or maintenance required.

The overall functioning is simple and functionally identical in most kits. As you pedal the sensor will detect just how fast you are going and how much power the bike should provide for assistance. Based on that the power pack will send energy to the motor on the front wheel, giving it an extra boost that assists your pedals. It’s straightforward, efficient, and affordable; what’s not to like?